Commercial Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated metal roof and chimney.

Your Choice for Commercial Corrugated Installation

Finding out you need a new roof is never pleasant. In fact, it can be downright irritating, especially once you factor in all the work you will have to do to find high-quality roof installation at the right price. And there is something else that can make replacing your roof even more of a chore – deciding on a type of roofing for your building.

Fortunately, a classic option such as corrugated roofing can ease just a bit of the pain. If you’re interested in commercial corrugated roof installation in Fort Worth, TX, contact the pros at Blue Eagle Roofing and Construction by calling 800-217-8110 today. 

Corrugated Roofing – The Basics

Corrugated roofing is easy to identify. The definition of the word “corrugated” is a surface shaped into alternating ridges and grooves. In addition to this definition, there are a few other terms you may want to know:

  • Metal Roof Panels 
    • This refers to the way corrugated roofing is generally sold. Large metal panels are available in gauges ranging from 22 to 29. They can generally be found in widths ranging from 27 to 46 inches.  
  • U Panels 
    • This type of corrugated roofing is typically crafted from higher-quality 26-gauge steel. This makes it a heavier and more durable choice. In terms of design, it has a lower profile than R Panels.
  • R Panels 
    • Also known as PBR panels, these are a versatile choice able to be used in many applications. Like U Panels, they are typically made with 26-gauge steel. The higher profile gives it greater strength.

The Benefits of Corrugated Roofing

The ridges and grooves in this metal make it an incredibly durable choice, though this roofing material offers other benefits as well. It is typically a low-cost option, both in terms of the material used for the roofing system as well as the cost of installation.

The style of the roofing material also makes commercial corrugated roofing repair fairly simple. If a sheet of this metal roofing needs repair, whether because of storm damage or due to wear and tear, another sheet can be installed in its place. You don’t always have to replace the entire roof. 

Pro Commercial Corrugated Roofing Installation in Fort Worth, TX 

Perhaps after learning more about this roofing material, you’re ready to make your move. If you’re interested in commercial corrugated roofing repair or commercial corrugated roofing installation in Fort Worth, TX, call Blue Eagle Roofing and Construction at 800-217-8110 to get started with a free estimate.