Roof Inspections

A Roof Inspector Inspects a Roof.

Roof Inspection from a Trained Eye

Let’s face it. Even if you know a thing or two about roofs, you probably aren’t a roofing expert. However, the job of inspecting a roof should be left to those with experience. That isn’t to say there aren’t things you can watch out for yourself.

It always pays to be vigilant with your roof, and if you can see problems during your own inspection you should always call someone to check the issue out. But having someone come out to inspect your roof can give you peace of mind in knowing there aren’t any problems you aren’t aware of. And, if there are problems, you can take care of them before they get much bigger. 

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When to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Many people only think to schedule a roof inspection after a major storm strikes in their Fort Worth, TX neighborhood. This is a good time to get a roof inspection, as you can readily identify hail damage or shingles knocked loose by howling winds. Scheduling a roof inspection after a storm can also ensure you get any evidence you may need so you can pursue a roofing insurance claim if necessary.

Getting a roof inspection after a storm can be incredibly important. Some signs of damage after a storm may be visible, but in other cases, damage may not be as obvious. Fortunately, there are some things you can watch out for to identify when a roof inspection after a storm may be necessary. Things to look out for, in addition to loose shingles or obvious signs of damage from hail or debris, include:

  • Drainage or gutter issues 
  • Signs of moisture in your attic or ceiling
  • Staining on walls and ceilings
  • Signs of moisture around your home’s exterior, including peeling paint

Scheduling an Annual Inspection

It’s important to remember that after a storm is not the only time you should be thinking about scheduling a roof inspection. Plenty of things can happen to a roof throughout the year as it is exposed to the elements. Everything from intense sunlight to debris and even the shifting of your roofing due to changes in weather and temperature can have an impact on your roof.

Fortunately, the majority of issues you are likely to experience can be taken care of with roof repairs. However, it is still important for any home owner to know when their roof may be in need of replacement. Getting an annual roof inspection can keep you on top of any roof repairs necessary and let you know when a roof replacement is necessary before your home experiences possible damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Be Found in a Roof Inspection

By working with a skilled roofer for your roofing inspection, many different things can be found. These include more obvious problems such as loose or missing shingles, which will call for asphalt shingle roof repair or, in severe cases, roof replacement. 

However, less noticeable issues can be found such as patches of missing granules. This can be an indicator of a roof that has experienced heavy wear and tear. If you are seeking help from a professional roofer for your roof inspection in Fort Worth, TX, call Blue Eagle Roofing and Construction today at 800-217-8110 to set up your appointment.