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What You Need to Know a Roof Insurance Claim

When a storm strikes, your roof can experience many types of damage. Unfortunately, you may not be prepared to pay for storm damage repair, even though taking care of your roofing issues can be urgent in this situation. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you may be able to get the money needed for your roof repair, or even roof replacement if necessary. 

However, making a roof insurance claim can be a challenging and frustrating process. Working with our roofers as a part of getting repairs can make it simpler as well as give you assurance of a successful claim. If you need help making a roof insurance claim in Fort Worth, TX call Blue Eagle Roofing and Construction at 800-217-8110.

What Will Roof Insurance Cover?

Among the many things to be aware of when starting the process of making a roof storm damage claim is whether your damage will be covered. Different plans will cover different types of damage, though not everything may be covered. What is covered will depend on the terms of your homeowner’s insurance and the type of damage you are dealing with.

Whether your homeowner’s insurance will cover your damage will depend on the coverage you have. If you have purchased an actual cash value plan, you may receive compensation, but it will only be for the depreciated value. Plans of this type are often the only option if you have an older roof. 

If you have a newer roof you may be able to get roof replacement cost coverage, which may offer more compensation. However, something to be mindful of is that your roof damage may not be covered if it was already in poor condition, especially if this has contributed to the damage.

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Work With Us to a Successful Claim

The success of your roof insurance claim will increase with good documentation of the damage. This is why having our professional roofers work with you to make your roof storm damage claim can lead to a greater possibility of success. Along with emergency roof repair after a storm, you can get help making a roof insurance claim in Fort Worth, TX, from the Blue Eagle Roofing and Construction team by calling 800-217-8110.